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Let’s be honest, when blogs hit real hard people really stopped reading printed mags. The information was just old by the time it hit the stands. Most mags are 3 months out, unless you are talking about gossip rags. But now even blogs are getting stale, with micro blogging getting so popular that Toys R Us, Popeye’s Chicken, and Home Depot are using it what’s next? I am totally a addict for twitter, I admit it and I am trying to limit my time on it. But now information is quickly dispatched, why turn on the news? Why look at a blog, granted if you are ready this you are looking at one. And thank you for taking the time to. But as a community we are enabling the whole shit isn’t fast enough.

Here is an example kids see a new design, first reaction hopefully is “Sick”!!! Next statement when is the next one coming? Really? I remember waiting forever to see new things and having to dig for info. We are all getting so impatient for everything, new media, new clothes, and new information. I catch myself saying shit like oh that’s old news, and this is when it hits mainstream media. And really the news may only be a few hours old if that.

I really think the attention span of a person now is like 30-45 seconds tops. I’m surprised if you are still reading this. Last weekend I didn’t fire off a tweet, login to FB, or myspace. The following Monday I was hit with are you ok? You still around, why didn’t you make your mark in the virtual world.

So I’m sure you are asking the same question I am. If you are so over it why the hell are you still messing with all the shit? Why because I am OCD, and I have conditioned myself to feed upon it. Honestly I think it’s necessary sometimes to keep up on the game. But lately I have been happy to say “I didn’t know that or I haven’t heard”.

So maybe it’s not the end of traditional websites or blogs, just the landscape of online interaction has changed drastically over the past 12 months, screw that over the past 3 months. Support the content you enjoy, with the new interaction you really become part of it.

Back to work now, and I think I will turn off the TweetDeck.



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