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I am here sitting at my desk in front of my computer typing. Looking over my to do list and just so thankful I have work. Going freelance was the scariest thing I think I have ever done. But also the most rewarding thing at the same time, having more ability to experiment with art. Take a step back and really find what is important and enjoy those moments. And yet I still find everyday I run out of time and wanna do more. Last couple of weeks I pushed myself to the edge again, that’s the no fun zone. But in the industry I am in, that comes with the territory just deal with it. 

This is an exciting time for me, yes it can be rough and somedays it just straight sucks. But with every new day I learn something and that is the greatest feeling ever. And as I sit at my desk in front of my computer typing I realize 2009 is gonna fly by, but not so quick that I can’t enjoy it.




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