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This past weekend I was done, so basically unplugged well sort of. I only hit twitter a few times, only hit up the FB like twice, didn’t answer my phone on sunday period. It was rad to not have the shackles of tech on this weekend. Man makes me remember the days of answering machines at the house, pay phones, and pagers. You could actually disappear for days and not be tracked down. This past weekend was different fun, no drinking, strip clubs, or barf (not me other people throwing up so much more funny). The shut down started around 3:00 pm on Friday. I was burnt the fuck out, like nothing was gonna happen. So I just turned off the computer and did what ever I wanted. I actually drew a sketch in my black book with a pencil (real analog art!!!). Watched a Lupin III Castle Of Cagliostro still great after all these years (Miyazaki WHAT!!!). Wayback machine footage from this movie was used in a lase disc video game called Cliff Hanger. I used to play it at the arcade when I used to live in Hawthorne.


Saturday was HQ day, had a tattoo session at noon. HeadHunters came thru for some of the new gear. Had to bounce early sorry guys I had to split so fast.


Then headed out to LA to make a stop by Choc Croc and Clandestine Rabbit. Always gonna be fun when I head out and see these guys. We had converstations about art, how lame some of it is, how great some of it is. Spilled into inspiration, which turned into the next big internet sensation. Hung out at the tattoo shop, watched some very talented artist work. I learned so much it was awesome. Best thing the whole crew over at CR are so nice and just good dudes. I must say Saturday was inspiring for me, helped me recharge my creative batteries. Oh yeah have the Heart Attack roll at the sushi place, it’s good for real!

After that headed to AU 79 Tea in SGV for some latenight tea, place was popping like a bar but for tea? Hung out with my homie Albert talking shop, and just catching up. After getting all caffeined out, headed home to finally sleep.

Sunday came down to the wire, for the MSD electronics in the Nova. So I did all the trouble shooting tests ran the meter on everything. Checked the magentic pick, and the plug wires on the meter for resistance. They all checked out, so let’s move on. Rerouted the magnetic pick up wires completely away from anything else. Fired it up, let it run for the magic 10 mins. Lately after 10 mins the car will just stop running, gremlins for sure. And like clockwork it happened, so this totally led me to the 6AL box did the jumper and checked for spark out of the box it was fine. So now this could only be a handful of things now, vacuum leak? fuel? because we have lots of spark. So the vac/boost gauge showing not signs of a leak. So I just threw on the vac gauge under the carb and checked it from there. Started it up, very stable signal on the gauge let it run for the magic 10 mins. This time it was cool in the gang, weird but not sure why. Brought up the idle up a little bit, and it was all good. Thinking maybe be a  vacuum leak maybe from the carb to vac modulator on the tranny. I added a reducer and ran a smaller id of vacuum hose to the carb baseplate to the hard line going to the tranny. Makes sense the hose is very pliable and when it heats up it could expand and could start leak. Took it out around the block got into it a tiny bit and it seemed all good. Man good thing I did a ton of research on the electronics and gave it one more shot with trouble shooting to make sure they were not to blame. But I will be 100% at ease this coming weekend, if it starts and drives normal still. I still need to do some tuning with the whole set up. It’s always the simplest shit usually when working on cars, get all worked up thinking it’s something else. Man good thing I stepped away and I attacked it from a different angle this time. Imagine swapping everything out and it still not working. I would have Hulk smashed it for sure.


I guess I will keep you in the car, keeping my fingers crossed.

Nice weekend away from the tech, I needed that little vacation. Oh kinda had a relapse while on my tech vacation finished Resident Evil 5 lastnight!!! Sometimes you just gotta do it.



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