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Branding an image for a company of any kind be it, clothing, bands, or corporations is truly an art. And one of those icons that come to mind is The Rolling Stones mouth icon. Did some researching and found this.

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The big red mouth with its protruding tongue has been the official logo of the longest-serving rock-and-roll band in the world since 1971. It was the work of London graphic designer John Pasche, and first appeared on the inner sleeve and label of the Stones’ album of that year, Sticky Fingers, following the foundation of their own record label, Rolling Stones Records.

Famous throughout the world, the logo combines the various elements of the band’s image. It is at once an insolent tongue stuck out at authority and a lustful panting tongue, as well as standing of course for the legendary mouth of Mick Jagger. Pasche recalls that the inspiration came from an image of the Hindu goddess Kali. He was paid the princely sum of £50 for his work at the time, but received the generous supplement of an extra £200 a couple of years later, in acknowledgement of the success of the design.

The group themselves now own the copyright, but in 2006, Pasche sold the original artwork for the logo for £400,000.


When I close my eyes and think of Rock N’ Roll this icon comes to mind. This icon attached to a legendary group creates greatness. Truly a awesome example of branding an icon.



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