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I was thinking today about this topic, and the way people consume product has changed so drastic over the past several years. Sure everyone is probably aware of this but really think about it. Yeah sure cassettes, VHS tapes and vinyl (not if your a purist) are dead. But do you really carry CDs anymore? Since the birth of the mp3 player (iPod, Zune for the 6 of you with one. Really I have only met one person with one.) No need to carry them anymore, I remember carry a case with CDs in my car and really that was only up to 3-4 years ago. I have had a iPod since they came out, but I had to be conditioned to use it properly.  I have a mp3 compatible player in my car and no CDs in sight. I just plug my iPhone and use that to play my music. This is not an ad for Apple or related products, I am just a member of The Cult of Apple.

The idea of physical media being a thing of the past really hit me almost 2 years ago. I am gonna drop this name like an anchor at port. I was chilling with Joshy from REBEL8 at his apartment. He was getting lifted and we talked about never having to buy a physical copy of a music CD ever again since iTunes came on the scene. I must agree since iTunes I can’t remember the last time I went into store to purchase music. Joshy was really big in not buy anymore crap that would take up space. And here I was the king of hoarding physical copies of movies, dvds, magazines, books, and other space consuming products. Serious I still have the boxes to all my toys, I barely recycled boxes of products I have owned for many many years.

I used to buy movies on dvd and be all happy with having them sit on a shelf. Now I am pissed I have all these damn movies and no real space to store them. Kat and I will rent a movie ever so often. But we have fallen into the all things at the touch of a button syndrome. You know the right now right now life that everyone has grown accustom to. Like forget the format wars Blu Ray isn’t winning, Netflix and iTunes are truly the winners. Sit at home turn on your Xbox 360 and stream a movie or TV show, or power up your Apple TV and watch thousands of hours of video.

I no longer purchase printed media also, it’s too slow by todays standards. Why buy it, and that hurts the mags, but if that mag is online I’m on it. With so many mags going under and bascially anyone can create a online version why print? Katrina reads books like I have never seen, she was the queen of TV. Now since she has been reading for the past year she hardly watches TV, unless she is waiting for her next shipment of books. She says having a phsycial copy of a book is best, but I have caught her reading online also. I was the same way with music, wanted to read the liner notes, check out bios in dvds. Gone are the days of saying how dope packaging was.

I am an artist so I have tons and tons of artbooks, which take up so much space. I am getting better with my old reference mags, now I do tear sheets and archieve those and recycle the rest. That’s probably the only thing I really like to have phsycial copies of. It’s weird I have to make a real effort to sketch in my black book with a pencil. I do 99% of all my sketching for clients with my tablet in photoshop. Then get that approved then move to building a working file. I have really started to get into tattooing recently I have had my machines for 2 years. But that has gotten me back into drawing on paper more again. But sometimes I still use the computer to help layout concepts, it’s a tool and I use it.

I wanna hustle up some money and get a Apple TV and load it up with all my media and store the hard copies away. Free up my house of all these things, maybe I will actually watch or listen to it then. I have dvds I have never opened, or music I haven’t listened to in so many years. Why becuase I have to get up and look for it, open the case insert media and press play. What have I become? I get all bugged out when I see young kids get all weird about this. But I am being conditioned for this consumption as well. Everyone is being turned into this, look how pissed people are most of the time while driving or being in a store and having to wait. Everyone is in such a hurry to do something else, multi task your ass off, work more and longer.

I started to ride a bike since gas was out of control last summer, I need to ride more. I really enjoy it, I see more of my neighborhood then I would ever driving a car. Yeah it may take 30 mins to get to HQ on bike, but man I always see something new. I got turned onto the slow movement, which I try and adopt more of that thinking. Serious William Gibson called this out years before it even started. The black shakes maybe I am too much of a Sci-Fi nerd but it’s happening. I am addicted to social network, phones (which anyone who knows me can agree) gaming consoles and other gadgets. I feel weird if I don’t log onto the web for entertainment now (wait wasn’t the web gonna make us smarter?). But I have been slowly getting sober from my addiction. Granted somedays are harder then others, but I do not try and work on Sunday, not turn on a computer not answer my phone. Do not reply to emails, I am trying to shut off atleast one day a week. Yeah sure sometimes I have to work and take care of shit on Sunday. But I make up for it by shutting down another day. I enjoy making my lunch, going outside and looking at trees and shit now. Serious I have been a hermit for so many years sitting in front of a computer. I forgot what it was like to enjoy the outdoors. My homie Albert is big on going outside, hiking, biking, and walking. He always says people need to be outside and not stuck in a cube.

This post has gone way beyond physical media and turned into a rant. Wow I slept for 3 hours got up just to type this out, I guess I had to vent a little. So goodbye physical media, I look foward to having less clutter I guess.  I think I am just getting nostalgic to a time long gone for many of us. I guess I will follow this up with all the benefits of the digital lifestyle that so many of us all live. Kat just got home from work, I am gonna make her some breakfast then go back to sleep. END OF LINE ——–



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