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Been super busy with gigs and trying to get projects completed and what not. I have been in what I like to call a work coma, basically all I am doing right now is working. Today was a break for a small moment, 2 new shirts were released today, had a few visitors, and got to return phone calls.

Talked to Deph over at To Die For Clothing for a short time, we talked about foreign policy, and the market. Hey Deph he’s on to us I think. LAUNCH TDF NOW.

Matt, Jose, and Oscar from WED came thru today. This is the first time I actually have met Matt, in the off line world. They stopped by kicked for a few we talked about the usual things, world events, bio fuels, and the state of America. LAUNCH WED NOW.


After the WED crew bounced I had a awesome conversation with the one the only Jarod De Anda. We also discussed worldly events, fine wine, and classical music. Check out Jarod’s blog over at FatLace. LAUNCH NOW.

Then the phone rang and it was Rod from Emortal Clothing. Rod is super nice guy and I really like what Emortal is doing. We talked about the industry, pricing, minimums,viral, and that sort of thing. LAUNCH EMORTAL CLOTHING NOW.

Got home ate some food and then got back on the horn to call Castro from GangsterBilly back. We just talked about hip hop beef, diss tracks, and who is gonna win DWTS. LAUNCH GANGSTERBILLY NOW.


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