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Lastnight I had the awesome invitation to attend the XBOX 360 and Capcom release party for RE5 at SA Studios. Room full of TVs and 360s and a open bar what!!! For those of you not really into the gaming thing you may get bored with this post. Anways I must say when I downloaded the demo on XBL I wasn’t really into the demo much. I was hypnotized or the final release has improved either way I really liked the way the game plays now. Maybe I entered a trace when I get around so much gaming in one room. I will say co-op play is the way to go on this game. Now it’s RE so you have to still expect some of the weird camera issues from past installments. But seem to be better, but granted I really can’t give the full review I only played for about 45 mins. But I will say this game has a high level of detail and  the gore is very gnarly, and I really like that.  (ban the new version of Last House On The Left, watch the OG one)



Finally got to (re)meet Juan @ SA Studios this night, he was running 187 Hudda back in the day when BMV and I did the designs. Small world so we talked about 187, TwentyFive, and Sucker.



Now available on twitter CHOCCROC and Clandestine Rabbit Tattoo




Nerd Alert – I met Major Nelson from XBL yeah I was pretty stoked. He talked to me about the Red LE RE5 Xbox 360 which was on display, cool rig would look good sitting in DSTROYR HQ.


This game will enter rotation tonight, so you can find me on SFIV, COD4, SKATE2, and now RE5. Thanks to Vic and SA Studios for real!!!

UPDATE: Played RE5 for a little bit, really stoked on this game. Trying to get a co-op game going with Joey but he is always away.



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