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So I have a real habit of never throwing anything away. I barely just started to throw away boxes for things. I kept every box for every electronic gadget, phone, game console, computer, you get the picture. So I was cleaning up my work room last week and came across some moldy oldies.


This was classic, I went to Ticketmaster when the Wherehouse was still around or is it still around? For those who may not know what the Wherehouse was. A record/movie store it was popular for several years. Pretty sure Best Buy killed them, I used to shop there since one was in Corona. Anyway back to the story, so I wanted to go see a show at UCR The Barn which I heard is open again? I told the girl I wanted tickets for Sublime at The Barn. Ok paid for the tickets split and went to my homie Mike Born’s. Yeah totally opened the tickets and guess what I was given Korn tickets. Totally didn’t want to see them. Apparently me asking for tickets for a different act wasn’t good enough for the young lady. So I jam back down the street and try and get this all resolved. Yup the girl acts like she never saw me, saying I didn’t get the tickets there. WHAT!!! So I had to buy tickets again for the correct show. The show was awesome, kids hanging from the rafters. The whole room was alive, and when they did a Bad Brains cover the shit cracked off. This was about 2 years before their major label debut came out. Which was recorded and completed before Bradley Nowell (singer/songwriter) died due to an overdose. So if you have never heard them check it.

Truly a great time in my life, and sure to many others who got to experience it.


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