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I got a message the other day on FB from Krista, talking about urban harvesting. I think this is super dope and I was able to participate. Here is the dish.

The Inland Empire Urban Fruit Harvest Project is a community initiative which operates across Inland Empire neighborhoods. Our idea is simple: we build communities and strengthen food security using local backyard fruit. We connect with people who have excess fruit from their backyard fruit trees with those who have the time and energy to harvest it. Most of the harvested fruit is donated to community organizations and individuals in need. If you take the time to look around you can find food growing just about everywhere in Riverside. The fruit rarely gets eaten or harvested to its full potential. The fruit around Riverside and surrounding cities has an abundance of fruit trees that are ripe and ready to eat. The nutrients from those fruit need to be put into your hands and in the hands of people who need.

If you have a tree that is ripe and ready to go please feel free to reach out. They push mad weight first harvest was 206 lbs, todays was 506lbs. Please support!!!

IE Urban Fruit launch page here


It’s not all machetes and machine guns around here.


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