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Update your book marks and head over to and check out the new site!!!

So I don’t know why I am up right now, should been logging some Z’s. Typical so many thoughts running thru my mind, can’t sleep at all. Didn’t work on my piece tonight, wanted to take a little break. Had to update the store list just now before I forgot. Trying to catch up on some normal things, like washing dishes and eating food. Seems out of order that last thought, but had to do one before the other could be completed.

2009 is already starting to be awesome!!! Choc Croc is coming up real quick, then the Triple Threat joint will be next. Working on some new products for Spring/Summer 09. If you wanna call out seasons, be all techincal and what not. Finished up a new graphic yesterday happy to be making new art for DSTROYR.

The DSTROYR street team “The HeadHunters” is currently in the third wave. Very happy with how it’s going, gotta crawl before you can walk. After the walking is straight mashing!!! Finished up the next set of stickers, should be placing the order in the next day or so.

Enough of this, I’m gonna shut down and get some rest.



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