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I know New Years a few days away, but hey screw it. Ah 2008 has been one interesting year for me personally. First off resigning from my position after 5 years with the company was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. To venture off into the freelance artist world, truly nothing to describe it. All the excitement and no stability, has really made me appreciate the simpler things in life.

Getting engaged to a wonderful woman who really puts up with my lame ass. I lucked out for real on this, I am such a weirdo.

Finishing up the Nova and getting it back on the road after almost a year of it being in pieces. That was a really big job, totally worth the effort and the rewards are awesome. Just wanna set up the rear suspension and drive it for a while, before doing anything else.

Starting DSTROYR, seriously how much fun can one person really have. When starting the blog, never would have thought the brand would have gotten where it’s at so soon. Not saying it’s taking over but it’s something to build on and others are involved in the growth. Truly a awesome adventure for sure.

This has been a year of the highest highs and the lowest lows. Losing two people this year was a huge tragedy, something I will never forget. I just remember how they loved life and lived it to the fullest.

The election, wow this dude has a lot of work cut out for him. Serious his team is gonna be tested for sure.

Notice I didn’t mention the whole economy thing. Why? Because we all know it’s sucks ass why bring up old shit. Keep it moving and things will get better. But really I have talked to many people who have seen better days. But everyone agrees they are healthy and are getting by.

This year flew by, but then every year now speeds by.

Here to looking forward to a awesome 2009!!!



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