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Update your book marks and head over to and check out the new site!!!

I have had my iPhone since it dropped, and moved to the 3G joint. The apps is probably the best thing ever since, video games, hot rods, and machine guns. FOR REAL!!!

I do so much work on my iPhone if I could hook up a tablet and run illustrator I wouldn’t need a laptop. That’s how much I am on it. But this post is about the apps that I really use on the daily. Granted RIM users will be claiming the awesomeness of the Black Berry (I heard the STORM is wack) not saying just saying that’s what I heard.

Back to the task at hand.

#1 App that I smash on everyday is Air Sharing, granted it needs to have a wifi connection to run, but almost anywhere I am does. So I no longer need to lug a external drive unless the project needs it. Launch the proggy and you have a wireless drive, best thing ever!!!

#2 Twitterific yeah I haven’t been posted mad on it for almost a week. But good way to keep in the loop if you need to. Hey it’s twitter it’s the new crack!!! Joey at Wrecked Mag can tell you this.

#3 Maps for real I would get lost leaving my living room if it wasn’t for this app. And since I book mark everywhere I go I am the new TOM TOM!!!

#4 Free RSS no need to log into all these sites to see what’s up. Just read the feed, if I really wanna see what’s cracking then I will launch the browser. Cuts down on the web creeping, so I can spend more time doing other things like creeping on artwork or video games. I really need to get back to working on the Nova. Random thoughts the voices inside my head tell me these things.

#5 Myspace yes I log in most of the time using my iPhone. When I have to get my hands super dirty then I jump on thru the Macbook. Get in and get out this app does it pretty well I think.

So yeah you may ask what about Mail app? I use that the most of any but that is so expected from a post I would think. This was more for not standard apps on the phone. I cruise apps every few days in hopes of finding the new one that will change my life. iTrail is one that comes to mind, great for biking, walking, or running. Dynolicious is awesome also, I just need to rig up a way to keep my iPhone stable in the Nova so it reads correctly. Anyways just a little review of what apps I crush on daily.



See this is Air Sharing in action!!!



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