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I have been experimenting alot with different styles of artwork over the past 10 months now. And it has really opened my mind to doing different things. Some old favorites such as anime have come back into my mind after years of not thinking about it. I grew up drawing that style since I was 10 years old. So it was kinda fun to go back to that after all this time.

Also trying out new digital illustration techniques and just having fun again with art. Got to draw in my sketch book again for the first time in a quite awhile, I mean with no idea of what I was gonna do in it. Taking photos which I always do no matter what but for reference or just the hell of it.

I have 2 airbrush canvas projects that are still in the works. Finishing up a digital airbrush piece which is in the pic below. Got the rest of my tattoo supplies last week, need to get back to practicing that again. So many things to work on, and it’s so much fun. Thanks Big Chuy for the help with tuning my machines. Thank you to Franco for the advice and always being super nice.

The issue I run into now is with all this creative freedom, and experimentation that some people don’t understand. I am not the same artist I was 10 months ago, 2 years ago or 5 years ago. I have switched it up and some people are shocked by this. Which I guess I can’t blame them if you want a certain look you really like from 3 years ago. Cool it was fun then, but I am not doing that exact thing anymore. I may have similar view but the end product could look really different. I still have the same layout and same style, but the execution will most likely be totally different. Or I may just throw everything out the window and go in such a different direction. I seem to be going in that direction lately, because it’s exciting and new. (Loveboat theme playing in my mind)

That’s the reason why I am on this journey now. To just do different kinds of art and express and grow in different ways. I am sure one day that the look I did 4 years ago may come back into rotation. But I would rather try new things, then rely on old and safe. I think some of my new artwork I am working on currently is my favorite by far. But then again I usually get over it and work on something new that will be my new favorite.

Some of the new DSTROYR designs will be me expanding and trying some new things. Which is really awesome and very refreshing to me as a artist and an owner. Only time will tell if others will agree. Here is to the future!!!

screen cap of my computer

screen cap of my computer




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