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Ok I am finally listening to the new release from GNR. I just remember the first time I heard GNR, it was back in 9th grade while riding the bus to school back in 87. A bunch of kids in my neighborhood were hessians that term just describes a metal head or metal chick back then. So they were up on the metal game back then. You know the kids with metal t shirts with levi serpa lined jackets with the old shirt pinned to the back of the jacket. All this while wearing levis with some high tops laced super tight. They wore alot of denim, like Turbo but way before Turbo. Anyways back to the the record.

You really can’t compare 1987 GNR to 2008 GNR, forget it not gonna happen. I really don’t care what you say it’s just not happening. Appetite For Destruction (AFD) is a classic and still sounds awesome to this day. For me personally here is GNR Axl and Slash that’s it straight up. Granted Izzy, Duff, and Steven Adler was the famous line up. But Axl and Slash were like Tyler and Perry to me.

I remember this dude in high school was so into Axl he would debate anyone about his ability to sing in all these different ranges. Guns back then was so rock and roll it was crazy. Maybe it’s just thinking back I am making seem more then it really was. Dang off into another area again.

Back to the record, ok what can you say. It’s Axl singing doing his thing. After so much time for this record to come is it worth it. Hmm is it worth $11 million in the studio? I am trying real hard not to slam this release out of the gate. It’s hard for me to listen to this and not feel something is missing. First track is pretty catchy on the right path for me. Yeah that’s pretty much it for me on this one. I’m actually pretty bummed out on this record. Hey a bicyle is on the cover, that’s something right?

So for me personally not feeling this album. So give it a listen yourself and you decide if it’s a thumbs up or thumbs down. Hey Joe Review what do you think of it???



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