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I was cleaning up my closet and went thru some of my kicks. I am some what of a sneaker head, not super hardcore and not going for mad qty. But enough shoes to say why??? I was all about Nike for many years jumped over to some different companies then back to where it started Vans. I only shot some of my collection I guess you could say. Pretty sad when you go thru and realize you forgot you had them.

This pair of AirMax 90s is very special for this reason. Jimmy, Che, and myself all bought these around the same exact time. I cracked mine out right away and they actually cracked. The lower sole is painted on these and the paint cracked. I actually walk in my shoes not like some dudes that flat walk it. Jimmy’s just barely started to show wear after several years. And what about Che’s? Well he and I had this exact discussion and he was bragging about how his were totally fine. That was the last time I saw Che, just a few weeks later he was gone. Che was on his way of becoming a super collector, and now he has all the quick strikes, limited joints and samples he could ever want. I haven’t worn these kicks since then cracked and when I finally did break them out I worn them was at Che’s funeral.




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