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Lastnight I had the op to kick it with Jarod De Anda (Formula D / Fatlace blogger and over all nice guy). So I picked him up and we headed out to Long Beach. He commented on my extremely dirty car, hey I only drive a few miles if at all now a week. But yeah the windsheild was pretty gross. Anyways we arrived and had a few beers then the cars showed up. All the field drove on Pine and burned a spot. Pretty crazy sight to see if you ask me. Got to meet some really awesome people and got to see something truly amazing. I am still blown away by how drifting has been embraced by America. It’s a real subjective display of driving ability, but like Jarod said over the past 20 years that’s what almost all of us have been into. Skating, BMX, Freestyle moto so I guess it does totally fit for the times. I wish I could attend the event this weekend, but I will not be able to. It will be crazy for sure, one time only event on the docks of Long Beach.



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