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Anyways not really popular at all in the states, most people probably never heard of this video format. But me being the way I am, OCD kicked in back in 2000. VCD stands for Video CD is a mpeg1 format pretty bad compression of images. You get some gnarly blocky artifacts in motion scenes. But burn able dvds weren’t really a dime a dozen back then. I mean burnable CDs were still expensive. I remember when the I first saw a CDR that it cost $20 each.

Anyways by this time CDRs were pretty cheap by the standards then. So this is the best part you would have to download like 3 programs to make this work. Rip the dvd remove copy measures, compress the files, then burn the CDR(s). Yeah CDRs due to the limited space on a blank cd you would have to burn 2 sometimes 3 discs to get one movie. Best part is back then I had a super PC yeah PC I had several of them. Converted MAC for 6 years now, anyways back to the trip down memory lane. With my awesome PC it would take a total of 12 hours to make a copy of a movie.

This became my new hobby, I would dup all the time. Never watching any of the movies just collecting them. Then I got crazy and did custom bit rates and stuff like that. Untill I got mad crazy and switched to Mpeg2 format this is called SVCD. Super Video CD, Mpeg2 is the format that DVDs are in. But still the blank CDs were limited but the quality was really nice. Most people would never know it was a copy till the disc ended and I had to swap out to the next disc. I got so crazy I was doing opening splash screens and please swap disc screens. I have books of dups from over the years. After awhile I had lost the whole love of (S)VCDs and moved on to something even more lame. DIVX that was my new gig, but hey didn’t have to burn CDS and keep them in books.

Anyways here is a photo of some of the last VCDs I bought in SF in 2003. VCD were extremely popluar in China, VCRs didn’t exsits so this format was super on point in China. So these movies pictured were the hot joints back then. Battle Royal was sick from Japan, you can totally rent that at your local spot now.

Check it all the Young And Dangerous movies. I have part one on DVD, the rest were kinda blah. But when you gotta get them all you do what you gotta do.



Before VCDs I was all about duping Playstation One games that’s a whole other story.




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