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So this was Monday in picture form.

Tony races on the Drift circuit and is the newest memeber of the team. Plus he is down with HK action films, so we have alot to talk about.

Robbie what can I say he just makes phone calls and finds things.

After leaving HQ we were on the search of the Bud Ale. After some tweets on twitter, mission accomplished. Also got turned on to a beer forum The Aleuminati-the not so secret society of better beer drinkers. I called the local spot La Bodega and they had the Bud Ale. Right when that call was complete Bmoonsong1 gave the same location via twitter.

First Bud Ale, hmmm it’s ok not gonna run and choose this over my usual selection. I would have to say try it and see what all the hype is about. ONLY IF YOU ARE OF LEGAL AGE TO DRINK ADULT BEVERAGES.

Next beer up for the test. This tastes like a pumpkin pie and it was nice in my opinion.

Drinking beer talking about cars, tools, and more cars. After the session of car talk has closed for the time being. We jumped in the automobile and headed over to a local bar to eat. And nothing tastes better then french fries late at night. But to my surprise when I walked in the door was who was at the bar. None other then Kerry King of SLAYER!!! In the picture I am trying so hard not to smile I look like I may have to throw up. So that was monday, gotta get back to drafting up an outline for the street team.


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