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So last night was the Q&A at The RAM (Riverside Art Musuem). Headed out a little early to see how packed it was gonna be. Got there and only a few people were hanging out around 6pm. The sign said no line ups before 6:30 so why not just take a quick lap around down town and see what was going on.

This was just finished recently, the guy was painting it at night with flood lamps. I never stopped by till after it was done.

Back over to The RAM, the gig is about to begin. When the doors did open it was sold out, the cap was 200+ and it was full. The session was done in the same room as the “Beyond Baby Tattooville” show. The room was filled with all types of heads varying ages from ultra young to the not so young. I fit in the middle I guess.

The Q&A began and it was exactly what it was supposed to be. You asked a question and Ian would answer it. The questions ranged from the Straight Edge Movement, music, life, and the future. I really enjoyed the history of his music career, and the path he is moving towards. Hearing how it was and still is a DIY state of mind is pretty rad. Only a few stray questions from some way out people. But all in all the well worth the experience.

The guy in front of me laughed so loud, and way over the top with his gestures. It was straight out of the Scorsese/De Niro version of Cape Fear when he is in the movie theater. But with that aside you could feel the awesome energy and the quality of conversation taking place. Way too much to type up in this entry, if you can experience this for yourself please do.


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