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My Bloody Valentine probably not too familiar for alot of people. I grew up listening to so many styles of music, rock, metal, punk, gothic, hip-hop, and music that was once termed alternative (90’s). Anyways I have always had a special place in my heart for what is called “Shoe Gazer” bands like Ride, Lush, and my favorite My Bloody Valentine. I still remember the first time I saw there video for “Only Shallow” on MTV when they used to play videos, anyways I was instantly into them. The crazy ass sounds, and the super low mix on the vocals what was this? Why is this guys wearing a military parka with fur around the hood??? Everyone song they have is like a dream, and I really could identify with this. So of course went digging and got the earlier release “Isn’t Anything”, copped Glider, and even the really bad audio quality bootleg “Loom” But nothing prepared me for lastnight.

It has been 16 years since My Bloody Valentine performed in LA. I didn’t get the chance to see them back in the day. I got to with my friend Shane Gallagher, so we hopped in the automobile and headed out to Santa Monica. So what was the crowd gonna be like? For sure 30+ but to my surprise 40+, 50+, and even a woman maybe 60+? Anyways putting the ages aside, the crowd was all different types, and sure when everyone was younger probably not the most popular. Well I am speaking for myself on this one. Anyways, I couldn’t really get into the opener, the second act totally missed while on hanging outside with Shane as he had a smoke break.

Then the final change over, and then the wait. Dimmed house lights for approx. 30 mins till the band actually took the stage. All I can say is WOW sorry if I am typing loud. I always forget hearing protection and man I am surprised I am not deaf right now. That band plays so loud, like jet plane loud, like split your skull loud. They totally killed it, I was really surprised on how they executed the songs live. I was truly amazed by the performance. Seeing them live you really can sense the influence of house music played on them. The hypnotic rhythms would totally get me tranced out.

The end of the set well I think it was the end was a super I mean super loud ass noise session. Like forget to 11 it was way past 12 more like 15!!! If you wanted to dispurse a riot get My Bloody Valentine to get there noise jam on and watch the crowds run. They cranked that so loud it was hit my chest like a hammer. We left after 10 mins of it. Outside was others who just had to get away for the intense sonic assault. Don’t get me wrong that was bad ass, but I needed to escape and beat the crowd outta there. Of course afterwards I find out they gave out hearing protection at the door. Anyways I give My Bloody Valentine super thumbs up they are awesome, and always will be.

here is my first exposure to the My Bloody Valentine.


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