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This weekend has been very crazy, made me realize I didn’t wanna think about it for awhile. So I basically turned off my phone, didn’t reply to emails. Just did whatever I could to not dwell. So I cleaned out my garage something I have been wanting to do for years. After the tear down of the Nova the garage became a holding ground for random things. So got that all cleared out and now I can park another car in the garage. That was pretty awesome and it makes sense. Then I decided to start that new airbrush canvas I have been wanting to do for the past several weeks.

New Airbrush Canvas Started

I still have to paint a vinyl toy for MonkeyHouse like real quick. So I should get a move on, not even sure what I wanna do to it still. The SK8ology auction ended over the weekend, some really great deals on original artwork. That show was an awesome experience and hoping to be involved with ISM in the future.

Did you everyone check out the result from Damien Hurst auction last week? Sotheby held his auction and he is the highest paid living artist. Dude racked $127 million at the end of the day. Just an example for those who haven’t seen his work.

The piece below was estimated at $15.8 million to $23.6 million. It sold for $ 18.6 million. This is a bull in formaldehyde with 18 carat gold hoofs and horns. Crazy who is gonna put that in there place?

Wow this post went to a totally different place then I was planning on. I have to answer a bunch of emails now, and get back to work.



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