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Saturday night went out to the speedway track in Costa Mesa to watch my homie race. Speedway is crazy. NO BRAKES!!!! these dudes are flying around the track, sliding through the turns, bumping into each other, smacking the wall… the guy from the picture who’s bike caught on fire, was on fire before the race, he put it out and got back on the bike to start the race, he was leading the race until once again his bike caught on fire… The dude with the broken arm went around the crash in front of him and smacked into the wall pretty hard, knocked himself out for  few seconds, got up and tried to walk it off. He was limping away from the wreck and his arm started pouring blood, as you can see, he tore through his leathers, flesh, and right into the meat… it was gnarly, when he came over to where we were standing, you could see the bone poking out of the bloody hole in his arm… ambulance came and took him away… On with the rest of the races…

This was Mike’s second time racing and and he’s only been on his bike a handful of times. His first race was last week, he did pretty good. This week’s race ended with a little smack into the wall, nothing serious like the other dude, but his night was done… Good thing is he’ll be back out there next week…

If you can make it out to the speedway track, make sure you yell real loud for my boy Mike #292…

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