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Update your book marks and head over to and check out the new site!!!

So only took almost a week to get the new blog solution figured out over at the new website. So please everyone head on over to and hit up the blog. This will be the archive for DSTROYR now. Man it’s hard to believe 1200 posts have been put up here. The new blog has quite a bit of catching up to do. Please update your bookmarks and thanks again for your support.



Johnny Thunders is my subject that I picked for the show and here it is.

For more info hit up Exhibit A Gallery for more info.


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Well been pretty busy over here working on new product and other DSTROYR related things. First off you may notice the new look of the blog a little less clutter and that’s for one simple reason time to change. First off if you haven’t done so please head over to it’s no longer a navigation page but a real website. And for the time being I will still be blogging on this account till I can get a solution over at the new website up and running. Usually people do spring cleaning in spring, around here it happens whenever it can. ¬†Thanks again for all the support!!!


After months of waiting and waiting I finally got my Square reader. For those not up on this little plastic dongle makes taking credit cards a breeze! Plug it into any head phone jack on almost any smart phone and your doing it. Well you have to fill out paper work and wait but after that it’s game on.

I got my reader just before Formula Drift finals a few weeks ago, and I was so happy to have it. And guess what it works great no problems and I’m ready anywhere I have a signal.



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The Forza 3 photo comp has come to a close and the winners have been announced! All of the entries were really really good.

Bushido Haku
1st Place ( 3 Million Credits + DSTROYR LE Car )

2nd Place ( 2 Mil Credits + DSTROYR LE Car )

AZT Dolan77
3rd Place ( 1 Mil Credits + DSTROYR LE Car )

I had the honor of picking the Owners Choice Award ( Wins A LE Car and a Tshirt from DSTROYR Clothing! )

Honarable Mention ( The judges’s Personal Favorite )

I just wanna say thanks again to ID Lowlife for taking the time to create the car and also to involve DSTROYR in the comp. And his continued support of DSTROYR in the Forza Community! Thanks to GEARBOX Tuning, and all the gamers who participated.

See all the entries here.

Come on Turn 10 Studios let’s finish the project we started at E3.

Forza Blog post


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10.30.10 at Exhibit A Gallery

The theme of the art show is dead rock stars, so all the artist myself included will be painting dead rockers.

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I briefly spoke about this ultra rugged iPad case earlier this year on my first Incipio video review. While I made that video this product wasn’t out yet. Well it just landed on my doorstep and here it is The DESTROYER by Incipio. This case will replace my Incipio Feather iPad case. That case was great but this one is awesome!

The iPad actually lives inside this silicone core which is sandwiched between the front and back (mil spec grade nylon) of the case. The side bars which hold the whole case together is fastened by a allen screw on each corner. Did I mention it has SAFETY ORANGE!!!

Looks perfect with my mid day assault molle back pack also in OD. This case is hands down bad ass!!!


  • Super rugged – mil spec grade nylon lighter and stronger than steel WHAT!!!
  • OD and safety orange also available in Ninja black
  • 3 layers of protection
  • ports are covered
  • it’s bad ass

Yes this case makes your once tiny and light iPAd into a tank, and you can feel the difference. But for how much I take mine on the road it’s well worth it. Thank you Incipio and Jarod De Anda the¬†Brand Ambassador for providing this product.

Please note this is not a DSTROYR product.

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Culver Center Of The Arts in Riverside is also having a exhibition called Re:Cycle. This is a pretty awesome display if you are remotely interested in bikes do yourself a favor and check it out. Oct 07 – Dec 31. If your into bikes you will totally love it, I myself thought it was great!

I capped a few pics but this is one of those shows you must see in person.

The spoke cards on display are awesome!

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Got this on tues and barely scratched the surface. I will try and get sometime in between everything else and get a review going on it soon.

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I posted the poster for this show at the RAM a few weeks ago. Last week I was able to check it out for myself. This show is what has been considered low brow artwork, but it’s quickly becoming hi class cool… Many of the artist included are quite huge in the art / pop culture world in my eyes. So I was pretty sure this was gonna have some really great work.

Big ass Coop piece

More Coop and for some odd reason these 3 canvases blew my mind. Totally changed my thoughts on painting, not sure why this happened. I have been following his work since the early 90’s. And even ran into him at Comic Con many years ago. I remember he saw me and I was wearing one of his shirts. He looked at me then his shirt, shook his head and kept walking.

Hussar is just a beast in my eyes, I really love his work.

Really!!! Just look at this…

One of Ausgang’s pieces up in the show.

Suzanne Williams

Ron English

Some more English for ya.

Robert Williams is so sick, love his work and his rides.

Van Arno

Spain is super sick with the ink, that’s all I gotta say.

This was just a glimpse of what you can see at this exhibit which runs till Jan 8th 2011.

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